Intel, Chinese chip production volume moved to Vietnam ... 300 series

Beginning from 12th of next month

Intel said it plans to move Chinese chip production to Vietnam.

Intel plans to move its 300 series chipset products from Chengdu, China, to the Ho Chi Minh plant in Vietnam from next month. All future 300 series chipset products will be Made in Vietnam.

The 300 series products that change production base are known as Q370, C246, HM370, QM370, CM246, H310 and so on. Even if it is produced in Vietnam, there is no change in performance and specifications, only the production site information is changed.

Intel’s chip assembly, packaging and testing plant in Chengdu, China, has been in operation since 2005 for 14 years. Core wafer manufacturing has been going on in the US mainland, Ireland and Israel, and the packaging plant was mainly located in Asia. China Chengdu and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and Penang in Malaysia were major Asian packaging centers.

However, as Intel recently expanded its packaging facilities in Vietnam and Malaysia, its production base has gradually moved to Southeast Asia, and the ‘Made in China’ chip has become an old word. It has already closed the packaging plant in Costa Rica and Dalian, China. The Dalian plant was converted into a 3D NAND production base.

In addition to Intel, US companies such as Oracle and Amazon have been shrinking their footholds in China, and the “China Exodus” trend is spreading. Oracle has cut 40% of its workforce in China.