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Based on our global expertise, we are now maintaining the Highly Competitive Design Service and Information Security


Using Frame Work solution of our own. We provided the life style foundation which suitable with Local SEA


Global Design House

  • SNSTech Co., Ltd is the Global Design House of Samsung Electronics Foundry Department. We are together to develop different projects

Strong Technical Man Power

  • We have secured and nurtured professional manpower in each field with various development know-how and in-house training system.
  • Many products can be developed, providing professional engineering manpower through Southeast Asia beyond Korea.

Perfect Security

  • Isolated Working Space (no internet), This space to be kept as Seal and in control 24/7 via Camera and Security Guard.

SNSTechnology Co., Ltd

  • SNSTechnology Co., Ltd lis the Leading Company and direct to Global Technical. Can become the Growth Motivation for Client’s Business in Activities with Other Companies and Different Clients.
  • The ability on Price and Technical Design is flexible in Variety Industrial market situation as 5G and IOT was made as undeniable choice.
  • Our SNS Technology is the group of expert always chase for the best technique with the best expert.

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SNSTechnology Co., Ltd. is a creative partner for future world, beyond Korea, with the profound ability to clearly understand future society.

Our target is to provide the innovative technologies and services which will enrich the individual, family, society life and contribute for stable future.

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